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As the global economy continues to grow, international background checks are becoming more important than ever


Screen all potential hires, even if they’ve lived, worked, or studied in nearly any country around the globe

From Afghanistan to Zimbabwe, AccuSource offers criminal records searches in more than 230 countries and territories worldwide. For clients seeking education and employment verifications outside the United States, AccuSource can support verifications virtually anywhere in the world. Additional services including driving records, credit, and identity verifications are offered where available.

Check out our interactive International Background Screening Laws Map to learn more about background check rules, regulations, and customs around the world. 

Available Global Background Screening Services:

  • Criminal searches
  • Education verification
  • Employment verification
  • Driving records
  • Financial & credit history
  • Identity & address history
  • Media searches
  • Country-specific debarrment & watch lists

Interactive Map

Consult our International Background Screening Laws interactive map to learn more about background check rules, regulations, and customs around the world.
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International Background Check Services

International Criminal Court or Police Records

International Criminal Courts and Police Records

Criminal records searches in countries outside the United States may be obtained in over 230 countries and territories worldwide. Criminal convictions may be investigated at a local or national level depending upon available research options. Records are available in countries and territories where data is available and can be legally obtained. Details often afford record information similar to US felonies and misdemeanors and may include the type of charge, trial date and/or offense date, file date, case number, dates of conviction, sentence, and dispositions.

International Employment Verifications

International Employment Verifications

The Employment Verification service corroborates a person’s past and/or present work experience in countries outside the United States to validate and confirm applicant stated employment history. Information can include dates of employment, position, salary, reason for leaving, eligibility for rehire, disciplinary action taken, dependability, and general work duties.

International Education Verifications

International Education Verifications

The Education Verification service verifies a person’s educational history at institutions outside of the United States to aid in identifying candidates who falsify or overstate academic credentials. Information obtained can include the type of degree, attendance, date of graduation, major studies, GPA, and degree earned.

Additional Screening Services

Additional International Screening Services

An applicant’s previous residency in a country outside of the United States does not necessarily limit the scope and depth of the services available. In many industrialized countries, screening products similar to those offered in the US may be requested. Common services include motor vehicle reports, records of financial history (credit), identity and address history validation, media searches, and country-specific debarment and watch lists. Services offered vary by country and local custom, and are subject to change.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do background screening companies (Consumer Reporting Agencies or CRAs) search for criminal records to potentially report in an employment background screen?

The primary sources of criminal records are at the courts where each criminal case is adjudicated. This may be either a county, municipal or local court for state criminal offenses or a federal district court for federal criminal offenses. For many courts, this may include an in-person search for records. CRAs may also utilize criminal database options, where available, to identify the existence of a potential criminal record. However, the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) requires CRAs to confirm any potential records located through database options at the primary court of record prior to reporting for use in employment decision-making.

Can AccuSource provide a background screening report that was requested by another company?

A consumer must provide written consent for an employer to request a consumer report for employment purposes. Therefore, a copy of the report cannot be provided to another employer or third-party without the consent of the consumer. For this reason, a copy of a background screening report that was requested by one company generally cannot be provided to another company. Each company is required to obtain applicant consent for the specific purpose and scope defined in the applicant’s signed authorization form.

The subject of a background screening report has the option to request a copy of their own report. For screening reports processed by AccuSource, the applicant can simply go to, click on the “Applicant Resources” link at the top of the homepage and follow the instructions for requesting a copy of their report. Or, click here to go directly to the request page.

What information is required to run a background check on an employment candidate?

The scope of employment background screens can vary widely from employer to employer. Even the type of position sought and employer’s industry can impact the breadth of the screening components contained in a specific screening request. The types of services or products contained in each background screening request has a significant bearing on the types of information required to facilitate research.


In standard criminal history background screen, most Consumer Reporting Agencies (CRAs) begin with a social security trace (SST) or address locator search to identify any previous addresses or alias names associated with the applicant. The applicant’s social security number (SSN) is generally required to conduct this type of search. Additionally, applicants are asked to provide their full legal name, date of birth and at least 7 years of address history. The address history (both developed by the SST and applicant-provided) aids in determining the courts searched for potential criminal records. Most criminal records are indexed by the defendant’s name and date of birth. Once a potential record match is located, additional information is sometimes required to confirm the record match.

Employers often request additional services to meet their specific screening needs. These services commonly include verification of employment and education history, verification of professional licenses, personal and professional references, and driving records. Each type of search has its own set of search data required to ensure a quality result. No two employers are completely alike in their program needs and organizational requisites are ever-evolving. For more information on AccuSource’s individualized screening services or an analysis of optimization opportunities, please contact us at

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