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Background Screening for the education Industry


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Background checks for the educational institutions   EDUCATION

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  • Social Security Trace
  • County Criminal Search
  • Integrated National Criminal Database
  • Social Media Screening


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Background Screening Fundamentals

University systems, colleges, and institutes of higher education present their own distinctive needs for screening solutions. Ensuring a safe and productive environment for students and faculty is the top priority. Implementing an organization-wide background screening policy allows educational institutions to provide security for both employees and students alike while protecting its reputation and integrity.

In today’s increased risk environment institutes of higher education have many various background screening needs:

  • Students are often required to undergo background checks and drug screens as part of their matriculation requirements for specific education programs.
  • College athletes may be required to participate in both scheduled and random substance abuse testing to ensure eligibility to compete in their sport.
  • Volunteers and alumni may be required to complete a criminal background check prior to engaging in service.
  • Campus faculty and staff may be required to participate in pre-employment screening prior to hire

For university and college purchasers, all of these diverse needs may be sought through a single screening provider under an all-encompassing program umbrella. AccuSource understands the exceptional demands common to universities and colleges alike and provides effective, economical solutions to ensure every stakeholder is both supported and satisfied.

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