Background Checks for Healthcare Organizations

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Background Screening for the Healthcare Industry


Doctor & Owner of an Orthopedic Surgery Clinic

Background checks for the educational institutions   HEALTHCARE

Example scenario only based on averages for the healthcare industry. Not a recommended package.

  • Social Security Trace
  • County Criminal Search
  • Professional License Database
  • Federal Criminal History
  • Integrated National Criminal Database
  • Healthcare Exclusion Database


Drug & Alcohol Screening | Employment Verification | Education Verification

Ensuring Peace of Mind For Patients and Employees

Hospitals and healthcare organizations require highly diverse and varied service options to ensure both pre-hire and ongoing labor screening requirements are met. AccuSource is uniquely poised to meet the needs of healthcare organizations both nationally and across the globe.

We provide support for both substance abuse testing and occupational medical services, as well as a full suite of background check services including:

  • Periodic and continuous OIG/GSA exclusion checks
  • Antibody titers
  • Drug abuse screening
  • Motor vehicle records
  • Verification of professional licenses and education
  • Criminal records searches
  • Disciplinary action searches through the National Practitioner Data Base, Nurses Aid Registry, DEA, and more

Our service offerings make AccuSource an efficient, one-stop shop for healthcare partners in search of compliant programs supported by high-quality customer care and unparalleled industry expertise and professionalism.

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